Nourish Juice Cleanse


Nourish Juice Cleanse

One week before the cleanse start increasing more fruits and vegetables to approximately 50% of your diet. Cut out red meat and cut back on any other flesh protein. Two days before start eating at least 50% raw fruits and vegetables with your meals.

While on the cleanse drink plenty of fresh water and/or herbal teas. You will drink your eight 12 ounce drinks consistently throughout the day to avoid hunger. Make sure to always bring your juice with you when leaving your house! It is very hard to resist grabbing something when your blood sugar drops, so it is better to be prepared for this.

One of the main keys to success with a cleanse is your attitude or perception. If you are feeling deprived you are having the incorrect perception. You have made a conscious decision to take your health and the care of you body into your own hands. This is a wonderful gift you have given yourself for so many reasons. When you drink the juice be conscious of how it makes your body feel and imagine all of the life giving nutrients, the vitamins, and the minerals that are flooding your body and giving your cells a shot of super charged love. When you are on a cleanse it is a good time to reflect on goals, read inspiring books, and be with nature. This is a time to do what makes your heart happy. Listen to great music, use aromatherapy, get a massage. Of course light exercise such as walking, yoga, tai chi, rebounding, and stretching are a great compliment to your cleanse.

When you are done with the cleanse it is very important that you introduce foods slowly and carefully and that you chew very thoroughly so your body can assimilate it easier. You can ruin all of the benefits of your cleanse by eating badly and too much right away. This proves to be the toughest part of the cleanse for many people because once you start eating sold food a strong hunger will kick back in. It is important to have a menu planned out for the first two days that you come off the cleanse. This way you can resolve to stick to just what you have planned to eat so you don’t make bad choices. During this rebuilding phase it is important to give your body nutritious whole foods and avoid processed junk foods.  If you are feeling at all full it is best to stop. You can quickly create digestive distress if you don’t pay close attention to your body’s cues.

The following is an example of how you might introduce foods back in:

Breakfast: Smoothie
Lunch: Salad
Dinner: Steamed veggies and brown rice

The amount of time you cleanse will determine how long you will need to eat like this. It is not advised to introduce meat for the first few days; It is too hard to digest.

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